This page discloses the information about how we and our partners gather and disseminate your data when you use


We use Google and Facebook for you to be able to login to this website. On your first attempt to login these providers will ask you to allow us to read some basic info (your first name and email) from your account and during that process we will save on file and compare upon subsequent logins the following details:

  1. Your ID (number unique to you).
  2. Your email address.
  3. Your first name.
  4. The URL to your profile picture.

You can at any time delete you account via the link in the user drop-down menu in the header of this website. By doing that you will wipe out all of these records from our database and we will also make an attempt to ping Google or Facebook and try to revoke the read permissions you granted us upon signing up.

You can revoke these permissions by yourself too at your Google or Facebook account by removing the Factual Docs app there. Keep in mind though, this doesn't delete you account here at the website Factual Docs. You have to sign in and explicitly delete it if you want to.

Likes and Saves

When you click on the respective buttons we will record your likes and saves. Likes are used towards the total count of video likes and are not visibly associated with you. Saves (saved videos) are visible only to you at your Favorites (or watch later) page. They are just for your own convenience to be able to save what you want to watch later. You can always unlike or unsave a video. These metrics are deleted when you delete your account.


This site tracks and collects analytics data via Google Analytics. We use this tool in order to understand our audience and to improve the site. Having said that this product will drop cookie(s) on your machine and /or browser in order to be able to perform its function.


We use cookies to remember your login session for 30 days. This function is used to prevent logging you out when you close your browser. You need to explicitly click the Log out link in the user drop-down menu to actually log out. Additionally, as mentioned above, Google Analytics uses cookies too.

Request Data Deletion

As mentioned above you can delete your entire data on this website by simply deleting your account, by using the drop-down menu in the header during your login session and clicking on "Delete Account." However, if you prefer you can send us an email with deletion request, originating from your email address that we have on file, and we'll delete your data.