Michael Lang: The Bizarre Story Behind Woodstock Music Festival

Michael Lang, a young and aspiring music promoter, had a visionary idea in 1969: to organize a music festival that would celebrate peace, love, and unity. Despite facing numerous challenges, including permit issues, financial difficulties, and the threat of rain, Lang persevered and brought together an iconic lineup of musicians, including Joan Baez, Santana, Jimi Hendrix, and The Who, for the Woodstock Music Festival. Held in a small town in New York State, Woodstock became a defining moment in counterculture history, attracting over 400,000 people and showcasing some of the most legendary performances in rock and roll history. Michael Lang's determination and unwavering belief in the power of music resulted in a festival that left an indelible mark on generations to come, symbolizing a pivotal moment in cultural and musical history.