Did the Cia Kill a Hollywood Writer?

The death of Gary Webb, an American investigative journalist who wrote a groundbreaking series of articles for the San Jose Mercury News in 1996 alleging that the CIA had allowed cocaine to be smuggled into the United States to fund the Nicaraguan Contras, has been the subject of much speculation and controversy. Webb's articles were highly critical of the CIA and the U.S. government, and he subsequently faced intense criticism and attacks from both the media and government officials. In 2004, Webb was found dead in his home with two gunshot wounds to the head, and his death was ruled a suicide. However, some people believe that Webb was murdered by the CIA or other government agencies in retaliation for his reporting. The circumstances surrounding Webb's death and the allegations of CIA involvement have never been fully resolved, and the question of whether or not the CIA killed Gary Webb remains a topic of debate.