Catching Canada's Smartest Bank Robbers: The Stopwatch Gang

The Stopwatch Gang, led by masterminds Ian⽉Tailorî' Simpson and Jimmy Alexander, executed audacious bank heists across Canada in the 1970s, earning notoriety for their precision and efficiency. Their signature tactic involved using synchronized digital stopwatches to orchestrate their movements, ensuring a swift and synchronized operation. The gang struck with military-like precision, targeting banks in broad daylight, tying up staff and customers before fleeing with ease. However, their luck ran out in 1978 when Simpson's fiery temper led to a fatal shootout with police, exposing their intricate network. Alexander, the tech-savvy mastermind, was captured and sentenced to 20 years in prison, while Simpson died by suicide, leaving behind a legacy of daring and ingenuity that continues to captivate law enforcement professionals.