Komi, a Journey Across the Arctic

In "Komi, a Journey Across the Arctic," acclaimed author Heather Einhorn embarks on an epic journey through the remote and breathtaking landscapes of the Komi Republic, located in the heart of the Russian Arctic. Through vivid storytelling and stunning photography, Einhorn captures the essence of this enigmatic region, highlighting its rich cultural heritage, resilient communities, and the delicate balance between human existence and the pristine Arctic wilderness. From encounters with indigenous reindeer herders to explorations of abandoned Soviet-era towns, Einhorn paints a captivating portrait of a place both hauntingly beautiful and profoundly vulnerable to the forces of climate change. "Komi, a Journey Across the Arctic" is a testament to the enduring spirit of the human spirit and a call to action to preserve the fragile beauty of this unique and awe-inspiring corner of the world.