A Tour of Earth's Ancient Superoceans

Journey through time to explore the ancient superoceans that once dominated Earth's surface. Dive into the depths of the Panthalassa, the vast ocean that enveloped the globe during the late Paleozoic Era, covering over 70% of the planet. Sail across the Tethys Ocean, a tropical sea that stretched from the shores of modern-day Europe to the coastlines of Asia, serving as a vital waterway for prehistoric marine life. Discover the remnants of the Iapetus Ocean, an ancient sea that separated the continents of Laurentia and Baltica during the early Paleozoic Era, leaving behind a legacy of mountain ranges and fossil-rich sedimentary rocks. Behold the remnants of the Rodinia Ocean, the oldest known superocean, which existed over a billion years ago, serving as a cradle of life for early Earth's organisms. Embark on this oceanic odyssey to unravel the mysteries of Earth's ancient superoceans, and witness the profound impact they had on shaping our planet's geological and biological evolution.

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